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Press and communication

A large scale model to understand floods, CNRS Le Journal, 2015

R. Mosé, Flood pilot, Futurmag, ARTE, 2016

J.Vazquez, Sortir de l'eau comme un manchot, On n'est pas que des cobayes, France 5 (9 janvier 2015)

Start up

3D eau ingénierie

Some key publications

[2-CBD13] M. Chrust, G. Bouchet, J. Dusek, Simulation of the dynamics of freely falling discs, Physics of Fluids, American Institute of Physics (AIP), Vol. 25:044102, 2013. (IF : 2.17)

[2-GSHP14] D. Garg, C. Serra, Y. Hoarau, D. Parida, M. Bouquey, R. Muller. Analytical Solution of Free Radical Polymerization: Applications - Implementing Gel effect using AK Model, Macromolecules, American Chemical Society, Vol. 47(21):7370-7377, 2014. (IF : 5.554)

[2-AFGM12] Q. Araud, P. Finaud-Guyot, V. Guinot, R. Mose, J. Vazquez. An eigenvector-based linear reconstruction approach for time stepping in discontinuous Galerkin scheme used to solve shallow water equations, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Wiley-Blackwell, Vol. 70(12):1590-1604, 2012. (IF : 1.447)

[2-YGPDxx] Y. Yoon, P. Garambois, R. Paiva, M. Durand, H. Roux, T. Minear, L. Smith. Improved error estimates of a discharge algorithm for remotely sensed river measurements: Test cases on Sacramento and Garonne Rivers, Water Resources Research, American Geophysical Union (AGU), to be published. (IF : 3.792)

[2-BSW14] K. Bekkour, D. Sun-Waterhouse, S. Wadhwa. Rheological properties and cloud point of aqueous carboxymethyl cellulose dispersions as modified by high or low methoxyl pectin, Food Research International, Elsevier, Vol. 66:247-256, 2014. (IF : 3.182)

[2-LBNW15] J. Laurent, P. Bois, M. Nuel, A. Wanko Ngnien. Systemic models of full-scale Surface Flow Treatment Wetlands: Determination by application of fluorescent tracers, Chemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier, Vol. 264:389-398, March 2015. (IF : 5.31)

Key demonstrators

Field demonstrator on the Ostwaldergrabben

Flood pilot